Design Packages

Designing a Downsize

You have made the decision to downsize. A new home reflects the inner most core of your being now. Your belongings are edited to fit, distilled to the essence. With you, I create a beautiful, practical, personal space, honouring memories while looking to the future. Floorplans of furniture layout, art and collections displayed, lighting and storage are some of the elements I help you consider in rightsizing your new home.

DIY Consultation

A catch-all. You would like a little hand-holding while in the depths of change. This is where I come in. Tell me where you are at, what’s not working, where you’d like to be. I listen, recommend solutions and develop a practical path for you to follow. You create the space you want.

Smooth Move

Your address is changing. Could be more space, could be less. So many decisions to make. I meet you in either the former or the latter or both. We review the elements: furniture, window treatments, colour, layout, accessorizing, storage. We plan the route.

Refresh Where You Are

You are staying where you are. Its been awhile and your home needs a little TLC. Editing and renewing, is all you need. With my keen eye and your readiness, we arrange what is there, adding colour, light and texture to pull together a new whole.

Your Colour Story

Colour changes mood, highlights, emboldens and inspires. Your space, your belongings, you, need the right palette. I coax, cajole and combine to infuse your home with the perfect walls. The colours may be noticed, maybe not, the point is they are meant to be.

Create a Sacred Space

Your personal space reflects you. Your desires, your challenges, your loves. I will come to you. I support you in creating a genuine space, harmonious with your true self. We begin the vision, we move to a plan.

Rural Retreat or Urban Oasis

Got a shed, garage, barn, bunkie? Hmmm, what to do, art studio, overnight guests, escape room? The imagination has no limits. Your wildest dreams here please. As a multi-faceted creative person, I will allow you to unleash your creative person. You won’t want to leave this space when its finished.